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Behavioral Change, Policymaking and Social Innovation

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Behavioral Change, Policymaking, and Social Innovation

This project investigates the current plastic recycling industry to determine the motivators and barriers of behavioral change in organizations and communities. The cluster Policy and Social Sciences experts will lead this project along with their established partners, including provincial, regional, and local governments, Syilx Nations in the Okanagan, and the industrial partners. We investigate (1) what factors motivate organizations and communities to increase plastic recycling behavior; (2) what barriers are faced by organizations and communities in plastic recycling; and (3) how policymakers design and implement effective policies and regulations that enhance the motivators and remove the barriers to encourage more sustainable behavior in recycling plastic. Furthermore, this project works closely with the other cluster members and will focus on the adoption of the emerging plastic recycling technology and closed-loop supply chain networks. We examine (1) the factors that attract and/or deter organizations from participating in emerging technologies; (2) the factors that encourage and/or impede organizations to participate in closed-loop supply chain networks; and (3) policies and community actions that mobilize more organizations to adopt emerging technologies that lead to new job opportunities, sustainable and healthier economic development, and better protection for communities and the natural environment.

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